Richard Baxter

Founder, Non-Executive Director and Organic Growth Advisor.

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Opportunity, Growth and Constant Improvement.

I help companies maximise their growth potential through better organisation, planning and promotion through organic digital marketing. I've always been about growth at an early stage.

I'm just as comfortable with my sleeves rolled up delivering thoughtfully crafted content as I am sat on the board in an advisory capacity. I particularly enjoy working with company Founders at an early stage of development.

I'm a senior Digital Marketer / SEO of some 20 years with a portfolio of revenue success in the Automotive, Motorsport, Travel, Retail, Financial and Health sectors.

I always enjoyed thinking about "what works" on the Internet and I enjoy seeing the outcome of content creation, development, and thoughtfully targeted promotion.

I founded Builtvisible - a content marketing, SEO, and digital analytics company. Builtvisible was acquired via an MBO in December 2019. I retain a significant shareholding and hold a non-executive position on the board.

I'm an amateur racing driver and a keen eSports enthusiast, offering content development services to select eSports and Motorsports clients using proprietary data gathered via my own site network.

Areas of expertise

Digital Marketing: Content and SEO
New Market Discovery and Planning
eSports & Motorsport Marketing
Non-Executive Insight and Founder Guidance